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  • Awaken Atlanta
    Awaken Atlanta
    Categoria: Talk
    55 Puntate
    143 5.007
    “A Conscious Way to Start your Day!”

    “Awaken Atlanta” is a 3-hour live morning talk show hosted by Shannon McVey, and Tim Ray. Awaken Atlanta tackles current events, news, and sometimes controversial topics and puts a mindful, conscious spin on them. The show hosts are not afraid to touch on subjects that other media outlets may stray ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Best Self, Better World
    Best Self, Better World
    Categoria: Talk
    3 Puntate
    93 948
    Join Maria Walden-Sullivan as she takes you on a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery to make the world a better place! From non-profits to high-level executives, she brings in people who are making a difference in the world who can help others on their journey to improving themselves. Catch her live every other Wednesday at 4 ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Building a Better Brain
    Building a Better Brain
    Categoria: Salute
    2 Puntate
    0 73
    Everything you experience comes from your brain. From happiness to hurt, your life starts there.

    So to fix your pain, you’re going to need a better brain!

    It’s time to/for “Build a Better Brain” with Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Charles Krieger

    The link between your body and pain is found within your brain.

    That's why Dr. ... Maggiori informazioni
  • Cooking and Conspiracies
    Cooking and Conspiracies
    Categoria: Alimentazione
    1 Puntata
    0 1
  • Dream Worthy
    Dream Worthy
    Categoria: Talk
    6 Puntate
    20 482
    Join Dawn Worthey as she interviews high profile guests on a feel-good show. Each episode offers insights to some of the most influential and heartwarming individuals making a difference in the world. Catch her live Thursdays at 6 PM EST on the UI Media Network.
  • Health Is Wealth
    Health Is Wealth
    Categoria: Salute
    1 Puntata
    1 6
  • Health Matters
    Health Matters
    Categoria: Talk
    23 Puntate
    56 2.266
    Join chiropractor and nutritionist, Dr. Nelson Bulmash, as he touches subjects on healing the mind, body, and spirit. He brings in world-renowned doctors, physicians, and healers to discuss health topics and modalities that aren't being discussed in the traditional medical world. Catch him every other Tuesday at 5 PM EST on the UI ... Maggiori informazioni
  • In the Burbs
    In the Burbs
    Categoria: Comedy
    1 Puntata
    0 42
  • Match Made In Heaven
    Match Made In Heaven
    Categoria: Talk
    6 Puntate
    2 298
    Join the psychic bartender Gloria Parker and astrologist Lorelei Robbins for a dynamic hour of astrological and number readings!
  • My Designed Life
    My Designed Life
    Categoria: Cultura
    1 Puntata
    0 1
  • Psychic Soup
    Psychic Soup
    Categoria: Entertainment
    16 Puntate
    401 2.324
    Atlanta based psychic Beth Peters welcomes psychics, intuitives, and everyone in between to discuss the psychic realm as well as do psychic readings live on air! Listen to her every Monday at 3 PM EST on the UI Media Network.
  • Ride The Vibe
    Ride The Vibe
    Categoria: Talk
    17 Puntate
    67 2.248
    Join Michael Litten “The Last DJ” as he interviews Roswell Ga’s finest musician, artists and everything between! He showcases talent and gives them a platform they need to hop on their wave and ride the vibe every Friday at 6 PM EST on the UI Media Network.
  • Soul Purpose
    Soul Purpose
    Categoria: Salute
    3 Puntate
    0 64
  • The Awakening Educator
    The Awakening Educator
    Categoria: Talk
    7 Puntate
    38 460
    Join educators Megan Sweet and Susan Adrien as they “school” their listeners on the latest news and techniques surrounding education. Their combined 25 years of experience offers them insights into the educational world that provides valuable information for educators and parents ushering in the new generation of mindful children. Catch ... Maggiori informazioni
  • The Manifesting Hour
    The Manifesting Hour
    Categoria: Spiritualità
    3 Puntate
    42 662
    Join Katharine Pike, as she interviews wonderful people from all walks of life that are manifesting the life they truly desire! Through the law of attraction, these individuals share their experiences and life's story on how they've achieved their dreams! Listen to her every other Tuesday at 1 PM EST on the UI Media Network.
  • The Psychic Bartender
    The Psychic Bartender
    Categoria: Entertainment
    15 Puntate
    105 2.143
    Join Gloria Parker, the psychic bartender, as she reads your birthday numbers to reveal your life path, your personality, and your best future! Call 678-495-4345 and ask her questions about your numbers live on the air! Listen to her live every Thursday at 4 PM EST on the UI Media Network.
  • The SoulFull Family
    The SoulFull Family
    Categoria: Ragazzi
    13 Puntate
    18 789
    Join intuitive visionary and psychic Cheryl Andrea as she teaches innovative techniques to raise your children in a modern family setting. Each show, she’ll talk with psychics, intuitives, and higher-conscious individuals to share their experiences in the metaphysical world, and family life! Catch her show Mondays at 6 PM EST.
  • Two Therapists & A Microphone
    Two Therapists & A Microphone
    Categoria: Psicologia
    6 Puntate
    33 941
    Two Therapists and a Microphone is a podcast featuring insightful interviews and stories from experts in mental health, social, and relationship issues. The show is designed to help you gain knowledge about yourself and the world we live. Your hosts are Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson, psychotherapists and counseling professors ... Maggiori informazioni
  • United Intentions Radio
    United Intentions Radio
    Categoria: Salute
    190 Puntate
    22.675 126.985
    We will discuss the power of intentions, the science behind intentions, and how to use our free online community to help you create the life you desire.
  • Whole Healing
    Whole Healing
    Categoria: Salute
    16 Puntate
    73 1.586
    Join integrative dentist, Dr. Amy Dayries, as she introduces the concept of whole healing. It's a show dedicated to teaching others how to heal your body the natural way. She brings on other dentists and medical professionals who implement naturopathic techniques in their practice to show others that you too, can heal yourself the ... Maggiori informazioni
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